Capacity Building Course in Cabo Verde

From Monday 11th of January 2016 to Friday 15th, the 2nd capacity building course was organized in Mindelo in the island of São Vicente in Cabo Verde in the framework of the project T-BRIDGES.

During these five days, delegates from the 5 countries had the chance to explore new formal or informal ways of learning on tourism, desirable skills mostly asked by employers, e-learning opportunities etc.

Distinguished experts presented on the fields of gastronomic tourism web tourism, experiential tourism, cultural tourism and young entrepreneurship. Other activities were also performed based in interaction and non-formal learning in the field of tourism. On-site activities were also organized which included visits to 3 potential experiential activities for tourism proposals, group work on experiential tourism following the field visit, field visit to rural tourism projects in the island of Santo Antão, a music tour in the lab of Jao Batista and a food lab.


T-BRIDGES in Mindelo, Cabo Verde

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