The ACADEMY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP (AKEP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, with an innovative and authentic character, trying to meet the new challenges of the modern labour market as its first priority.

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Action Synergy S.A. is an education, training and knowledge based applications organisation which is actively involved in the organization of student and youth mobility, in the development of educational programs for vulnerable target groups, in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses.

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Pegasus Telematic University has been established due to the Italian  Ministry of University and Research  decree in 2006.(MIUR,D.M 20/04/2006); An university, that is not only territorial but that is projected to the world, to the global society and to the new competitive job market. Among Pegasus nine degree programs,  “Tourism Sciences” bachelor course aims to produce graduates with high skills and appropriate tools to operate in the field of tourism, with specific reference to the enhancement of cultural and sustainable tourism. Particularly, the course aims to transfer knowledge in the area of policy planning for tourism, understood as a factor of economic development and territorial competitiveness.


The goal of our association is youth’s participation in projects and initiatives that support the economic, cultural and social development of the community they come from, the responsible exploitation of the human resources and of the youth’s potential, especially from the rural areas. We are 30 members and volunteers - teachers, high school students and university students with common goals and objectives, interested in developing the human potential of people from the county of Argeș, Romania. Imago Mundi story started in 2008 in the rural area of Arges County, in the commune of Mălureni, district of Argeș, 25 km from the city of Pitesti, Romania by the efforts of teachers and young people from the community. Since 2008 until now, we have run a number of activities and projects on themes such as ecology, creativity, European issues, awareness campaigns on prevention of violence and fight against discrimination, volunteering activities in the benefit of rural and urban communities, teacher training activities. Also we implemented 5 Youth in Action projects, youth initiatives and took part in a successful youth exchange.

Atelier Mar is a Capeverdian Non-Government organization, created at 1987. Conducts studies, takes part in research programs, has a training center on handicrafts and arts, and implements developments projects and activities. Atelier Mar is involved in the Islands of Cape Verde and contribute to sustainable, fair development and alleviate poverty and structural inequalities. Atelier Mar undertakes actions aiming at:

• Training young people for self- employee and income generation activities.

• Promoting Entrepreneurship among young people;  

• Increasing the incomes of rural populations;

• Reducing their vulnerability and promoting their empowerment;

• Improving their access to quality infrastructures and services;

• Developing their ability to make themselves heard and to improve the participative democracy.

Atelier Mar is a small Ngo with 8 persons working and it has is one building, with workshops and offices.

The Atelier Mar key activities are:

• Design and give training courses on handcraft designed to various audiences (youth, handcraft people, agro –business agriculture workers.)

• Implementing of local development  activities that can contributes for the Empowerment of the population;

• Strengthening, through practices and development aid, the skills and capacities of local players and community based organizations ;

• Contributing to environmental policies and environmental education at sea coast communities and pour rural areas.

International youth exchange community (IYEC) is a nongovernmental independent organization which promotes exchange and friendship on a global scale through developmental projects, for the development of the youth. The organization believes that the society we live in is a very important part of a democratic culture thus emphasizes on the development of the societies most valuable assets that are the youth .The head of the organization is based in Ghana with a branch in Denmark at the moment hoping to expand to other countries in the near future. The primary aim of the organization is to create a forum for intercultural education that will empower the youth and educators via skills for their self and community development. The organization welcomes all interested people from all walks of life to help make the world a peaceful world to live in. The organization has the following activities such as;

  • Youth Leadership Training, Youth advocacy ,Cultural Exchange/Voluntary Service, Adolescent Reproductive Health programmes, Student Year Abroad programmes, Community Service programmes, Environmental Programmes
  • Work Experience/Internship Programmes (15-45years), Essay competitions, Project
  • Development, Film and Theatre
  • Networking, Global Issues, Environmental Conservation Programmes
  • Women empowerment.


Peace, stability and harmony among different cultures.

Aim of Organization

The basic aim of IYEC is to make a positive change in the lives of the youth through self confidence and to make them productive citizens for a better world.

Mode of Operation

Online- through the World Wide Web  and Youth clubs in various junior and senior secondary schools to University/higher education level Seminars.

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